Disney's 'Avengers' Ride System Will Be "Something That We've Never Seen Before"

At this year's D23 Expo, we learned about Disney's plans to put Avengers Campuses with Marvel-themed rides in their theme parks across the world, starting with Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Paris, and that one of the attractions there would be an E-Ticket ride inspired by The Avengers. The piece of concept art above revealed guests in individualized seats flying separately through the middle of the action, and when an Imagineer was recently asked to describe the Avengers ride system, he explained that it will be "something that we've never seen before."

Disneyland Avengers Campus HeadquartersBlogMickey points out that at this year's recently-concluded New York Comic Con, Scot Drake, Portfolio Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, walked guests through what the attraction will entail, detailing how you'll enter through the Avengers headquarters building and board the Quinjet to go on a mission, equipped with "protection and technology" offered by the Avengers members. But that protection is somehow quickly "ripped away" (presumably by the enemies who serve as the baddies of the ride) and we're off on an individual flight experience which BlogMickey says will serve as the basis of your origin story as a superhero.

After your "individual flight", you'll then rejoin the action on Wakanda where a battle on an epic scale will take place. As seen in the concept art, guests will actually move around in the attraction in their own individual seats as part of the aforementioned "individual flight" aspect of the attraction.

Disneyland Avengers Quinjet Ride

The concept art has had park enthusiasts wondering about what type of ride this will actually be, and when a guest asked Drake if he could compare the Avengers ride system to something like Soarin' or Flight of Passage, he said it will be "completely unique" and "something that we've never seen before" because of the attraction's blockbuster scale. That's exciting news – if we've never seen it before, the implication is that this will be a whole new type of experience that even rides outside Disney haven't experimented with yet.

When the piece of concept art at the top of this page was shown on stage at NYCC, Drake said (via a video at Marvel.com):

"This shows how much we're pushing the envelope. This is a keyframe of just one of the concepts, a major E-ticket attraction. For us, an E-ticket is our highest level of thrill and immersion and ride systems all coming together, and we're delivering on The Avengers, of course. The Avengers deserves big, epic innovation and storytelling, putting us right in the middle of the action. We all want to be a part of that team, and in this attraction, we're going to deliver on that."

Avengers Campus locations will be rolled out at Disney parks around the globe starting in 2021.