Sony's New 'Cinderella' Picks Up 'Frozen' Star Idina Menzel And Emmy Winner Billy Porter

Hot on the heels of rumors circulating that Billy Porter is being lined up to play the man-eating venus flytrap at the center of the Little Shop of Horrors remake over at Warner Bros. Pictures, it sounds like recent Emmy-winning Pose star will be getting musical elsewhere too with a new take on the classic fairytale Cinderella.

In case you didn't hear, Sony Pictures is working on a reimagined musical version of Cinderella with singer Camila Cabello taking the titular role. As for Porter, he's in talks to totally revamp the traditional the role of Cinderella's fairy godmother, which would be quite the drastic and welcome spin on the character in the story. Porter will also joined by another musical powerhouse, Frozen voice actress and famed Broadway star Idina Menzel. Find out more about the Cinderella cast additions below.

While Billy Porter will bring a little magic into Camila Cabello's life, it will be Idina Menzel who makes it a living hell as her Wicked (see what we did there?) stepmother, according to Deadline. Menzel has never really played a flat out evil role like this. One could argue that Elphaba in Wicked is indeed an evil character since she becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, but the play is meant to be sympathetic to her character, and she's not really painted as being purely evil.

While there have been many different versions of Cinderella over the years, this one sounds like it will stand out from the pack for even more reasons beyond Porter's casting. First of all, Pitch Perfect writer and Blockers director Kay Cannon is attached to write and direct, which makes us think this could have more of a comedic angle to it. Cannon made Pitch Perfect stand out at a time when everyone thought it was just a Glee copycat, and she brought a fresh angle to the high school sex comedy with Blockers, so we're betting there's something unique cooking up here.

Cabello will also be involved with providing music for the project, which is said to be a "music-oriented version" of the story everyone knows. We're not sure if that means this will be a traditional sort of musical, or maybe a movie set in the music or theater industry. Either way, this take on the familiar story is said to have grown out of an original idea from late night host and musical talent James Corden, who will also be producing with Leo Pearlman and their Fulwell 73 production banner.