Watch: 'Ghostbusters' Star Dan Aykroyd And Director Ivan Reitman Visit The Ghostbusters Maze At Halloween Horror Nights

There's a Ghostbusters-themed maze at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights event this year to celebrate the film's 35th anniversary, and not long ago, there was something strange in that theme park neighborhood: two major players behind the film franchise.

Original Ghostbusters co-writer and star Dan Aykroyd and director Ivan Reitman dropped by to experience the spooks and scares for themselves, and a camera crew came along to capture their reactions. Check it out below.

Aykroyd and Reitman in Ghostbusters Maze

Anyone else kind of cringe their way through that? I sort of felt like Aykroyd was just hamming it up for the camera the whole time and those weren't his genuine reactions – but I guess it's hard to blame him, since anybody would probably feel pressure to react big if a camera crew was following you around. I did appreciate the fact that Reitman basically refuses to play along in that regard, and it's cool to see that they both seem genuinely interested in the artistry of the construction of the maze and this specific recreation of the iconography that they've been associated with for so long.

We have plenty of coverage of Halloween Horror Nights on /Film, including Peter's in-depth video walking through all of the mazes in Hollywood, and his video taking a look at what the other coast has to offer when he visited Universal Studios in Orlando and checked out HHN there as well. But aside from those videos, which give you a look at the experience in all of its dark and spooky context, I'd highly recommend checking out Peter's early look at the making of the maze, which includes a ton of great photos and provides a whole different perspective on this maze that you won't get if you attend the event itself.

Halloween Horror Nights is happening right now, and runs on select nights through Saturday, November 2 in Orlando and select nights through Sunday, November 3 in Hollywood. For more information about the event at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, you can visit the official website.