Buy Weed From Jay And Silent Bob, Then Watch A Feature-Length Documentary About The Making Of 'Tusk'

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot isn't getting a traditional theatrical release like its predecessor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Instead, the comedy sequel from writer/director Kevin Smith will be released as a Fathom Event on both October 15 and October 17, 2019. If you can't make it to the theater on either of those days, you might try your hand at attending one of the many Reboot Roadshow dates that will be hosted all over the United States. And since the movie is getting an unconventional release, it makes sense that the marketing leading up to the event is just as unique.

If you're looking to get your hands on a nickel bag of weed before you take in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, you might be interested in picking it up from the duo that inspired Bluntman and Chronic themselves. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will be selling three new strains of weed inspired by Jay and Silent Bob at the Herbarium in Hollywood, California. And after you get your smoke on, you might want to take a deep dive into the making of Kevin Smith's totally weird horror movie Tusk.

First up, for all you stoners out there who want Jay and Silent Bob weed strains, you'll want to hit up the Herbarium in Hollywood, California tomorrow, September 27, starting at – you guessed it – 4:20pm. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will be on hand to sell three strains of marijuana inspired by the bluntastic duo: Berzerker, Snoochie Boochies, and Snoogans. Those buying one of these strains will get a Berzerker Jay comic signed by Smith, and if you buy all three, then you can snag a picture with Smith and Mewes. Get more information about the event over on Facebook.

But if you're not in Hollywood to get these strains, they'll also be available at dispensaries in California, Arizona, Michigan, and Oklahoma. Plus, they'll also be sold Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and Nevada at a later date. And you might want to pick them up before you take a dive into a new feature-length documentary about one of Kevin Smith's weirdest films.

The Making of Tusk

While Kevin Smith is best known for directing stoner comedy with snappy dialogue juxtaposed by dick and fart jokes in movies like Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (as well as an unconventional romance in Chasing Amy), 2014 saw him dabble in horror with the totally weird Tusk. If you never got around to seeing the movie, here's the official synopsis:

Wallace (Justin Long) co-hosts a popular podcast with his pal Teddy (Haley Joel Osment), focusing on cruel, mocking cringe humor as part of their mission to keep it "real and raunchy." After his trip to Winnipeg to interview the "Kill Bill Kid" — a teen whose unfortunate samurai-sword video has gone viral — comes up empty, Wallace decides to make the trip worth his while and find a good story north of the forty-ninth parallel. A handwritten flyer he finds in a bar bathroom leads him to a grizzled old swab (Michael Parks) full of tall tales to share from his life of adventure at sea — and this is where Wallace's voyage to the Great White North descends into straight-up madness.

If you haven't seen Tusk yet, it's not exactly a great movie, but it's worth watching just for the weirdness of it all. And after you've seen the movie, it's probably worth gaining some insight into how it was made. Kevin Smith offers an extensive look at the filmmaking process – pretty much every facet of it. Though this isn't a blockbuster production, it still provides a helpful look at what it takes to get a movie made.