'El Camino': Another 'Breaking Bad' Actor Confirms He'll Appear In The Film

Last night during the Emmy Awards, Netflix debuted a new trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which marks Breaking Bad creator/writer/director Vince Gilligan's feature directorial debut. But on the red carpet before the award show began, one of the film's actors spilled a secret and confirmed that he would be coming back to reprise his role in the upcoming movie. Read the full quote below.

Last week, we heard that El Camino would feature more than ten characters from the original Breaking Bad series, but it's a mystery as to exactly which characters will return. We knew for sure that Aaron Paul would be back as Jesse Pinkman since he's at the center of the story, and it was later confirmed that Matt Jones and Charles Baker would be reprising their roles as Jesse's druggie buds Badger and Skinny Pete. (Skinny Pete showed up in the first teaser trailer.) Now we know of one more actor who will be back to beef up the cast.

During a red carpet interview with ET Canada, Jonathan Banks confirmed that he would be returning as criminal fixer Mike Ehrmantraut.

"Yes," he whispered when asked if he would be in El Camino. "They'll hit me in the head for saying this, but yes. Why not? None of those guys hit very hard anyway."

That's the first official confirmation straight from the horse's mouth that Mike will be back, and it's significant because it confirms that the show will feature either ghosts or flashbacks. Better Call Saul fans have been watching Banks' Mike develop in that prequel over the past few years, but Breaking Bad fans know that Mike was murdered by Walter White in Breaking Bad's final season.

Mike was a friend and mentor to Jesse in the series while Walt was his business-partner-turned-enemy. Watching the new teaser again, I can easily envision a situation in which Jesse looks in the rearview mirror and sees the ghost of Mike giving him advice while the ghost of Walt heckles him from beyond the grave – it could be a classic "angel vs. devil on the shoulder" scenario. Then again, there's also the chance that the movie could delve into Jesse's memories and flash back to a scene with Mike we never knew existed which deepened their relationship.

Cranston has yet to spill the beans about whether he's officially on board for El Camino, but I'm guessing we'll at least see a small cameo.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie hits Netflix on October 11, 2019, and it'll also be playing in theaters in these cities.