'Big Mouth' Season 3 Trailer: Hormones Are Raging More Than Ever, And 'Queer Eye' Is Coming Too

Big Mouth is coming back for a third season next month, and the first trailer for the all-new episodes has just arrived. When you see the hormone-fueled nastiness that's in store for this season, you'll be glad that the show has already been renewed for three more seasons after this. Nick (Nick Kroll), Andrew (John Mulaney), Jessi (Jessi Klein), Missy (Jenny Slate) and Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) are changing even more as they grow up, and that means new feelings, new hormone monsters, and much more.

Watch the Big Mouth season 3 trailer below.

Big Mouth Season 3 Trailer

Aside from the comedy that comes from the show's raunchy but authentic approach to puberty and the hormones raging through teenagers, Big Mouth has done a great job of representing more than just your average heterosexual feelings at a time when kids are starting to explore their sexuality. The show significantly digs into the complications of growing up, figuring out who you are, and confronting situations and feelings that were difficult to deal with when you're so concerned about what's "normal." It looks like this season will be no different.

During the school year in this third season, Nick, Andrew and Jessi will have a classmate who identifies as pansexual, which is a person who has a sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards any person regardless of their sex or gender identity. That's quite a big step for representation in such a popular, mainstream series like this, and considering the way Big Mouth has handled representation in the previous seasons, there will be some meaningful lessons to be learned amidst all the horny behavior.

Plus, Netflix synergy appears to be alive and well with the cast of Queer Eye appearing in an episode where Coach Steve (also voiced by Nick Kroll) gets a makeover from the squad. That's going to be wonderful.

Here's the official synopsis for Big Mouth:

Big Mouth is a half-hour edgy adult animated comedy from real-life best friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg about the glorious nightmare that is teenage puberty. Comedian John Mulaney lends his voice to the character of Andrew, while Kroll (who serves as co-creator, executive producer) voices many including best friend Nick. Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate and Jessi Klein are among those who lend their voice to the series. Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg and screenwriter-directors Mark Levin & Jennifer Flackett are all creators and executive producers on the series. Big Mouth is a Netflix production.

Big Mouth season 3 arrives on Netflix on October 4, 2019.