WTF: Sean Astin Stars In 'Rudy II' Trailer, Which Is A Commercial For KFC

It's football season again, and you might have seen Rudy being tossed around cable recently. It's one of the most beloved sports movies of all-time, and a lot of the praise for that movie is undoubtedly inspired by the final game, where Sean Astin finally gets to bring the legacy of Rudy Ruettiger to life. It's all to the sound of Jerry Goldsmith's incredible score. And now all that inspiration is being used to sell Kentucky Fried Chicken (or KFC as it needs to be called) in the goofiest way imaginable.

Rudy KFC Commercial

This is one of the most shameful uses of cinema in advertising that I can remember (at least since RoboCop was used to sell KFC), and there are many. But at the same time, there's something great about how loyal of a recreation of Rudy this is, just with Sean Astin slowly becoming Colonel Sanders as a football player. And damn it if Jerry Goldsmith's swelling score doesn't make it that much better. It just goes to show you how great that music really is. You can set it to anything and your heart just fills with inspiration and ambition.

Besides that, perhaps the coolest thing about this commercial is that the guy who plays Rudy's father in this commercial is none other than Dan Ruettiger, the real "Rudy" himself. We just hope that both he and Sean Astin got one hefty paycheck (or at least a lifetime supply of KFC) to bring this commercial to life, because that's the only good reason to do something like this.