Cool Stuff: 'Captain Marvel' Pager, Iron Man's Last Arc Reactor, And Spider-Man's Drone Get Life-Size Replicas

During Comic-Con, a life-size replica of Tony Stark's first arc reactor from the original Iron Man was revealed by Hot Toys. But the high-end collectible company has even more prop replicas of cool gadgets from the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the way.

Hot Toys has unveiled a trio of prop replicas that will be available for purchase in the near future: the pager from Captain Marvel, Spidey's spider drone from Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Tony Stark's final arc reactor from Avengers: Endgame. You can get a closer look at each of the life-size Marvel prop replicas below.

Captain Marvel's Pager

The screen-accurate collectible measures approximately 7cm in height and 7.5 cm in length, showcases all the authentic and fine details of Captain Marvel Pager. Features Captain Marvel's iconic symbol in the center of the screen, beautifully painted with multiple layers of metallic colors and weathering effects to highlight its amazing aesthetics, and two LED lighting modes including light-on effect and pulsing light effect for alternative display use.

Since this gave us our first introduction to Captain Marvel in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War, this is a cool little item to have displayed on a shelf. Not only does it have an LED screen featuring the exact same display image that pops up when Nick Fury calls in Captain Marvel for this emergency scenario, but it will have weathering effects to make it look like Nick Fury's been carrying it around for nearly 25 years. No word on a price or release date yet, but you can see more photos over here.

Spider-Man's Spider Drone

This collectible set comes with two highly detailed Life Size Spider-Drones featuring a Spider-Drone with articulated body and pincers as well as an interchangeable black Spider-Drone; both drones are equipped with magnetic function; and a specially designed display stand.

One of the most useful features of Spider-Man's suit created by Tony Stark is a little spider drone that doubles as the logo on Spidey's chest. The little guy flies out and has some impressive capabilities of his own, and now you can let the drone hover around your collectible shelves. In fact, there are actually two drones, and they both have a magnetic function. No word on a price or release date yet, but you can see more photos over here.

Iron Man Mark LXXXV Arc Reactor

Sophisticatedly crafted with close attention to screen authentic details, the Life Size collectible measures approximately 11.5cm in height and 11 cm in length features LED light up function, clothes attachable magnetic function, and a specially designed Arc Reactor display stand with movie logo!

Finally, if you want to pretend you're Iron Man, this is about as close as you can get without buying a full suit of armor. Hot Toys is releasing the final arc reactor Tony Stark wears in Avengers: Endgame. It doesn't keep metal away from his heart anymore, but instead, it houses the nanotechnology that forms the Iron Man suit. What's best about this item is that it has a magnetic function that allows it to be clipped to your shirt to make it appears as if it's attached to your body. No word on a price or release date yet, but you can see more photos over here.