VOTD: How 'Venom' Should Have Ended

Despite a fascinatingly goofy performance by Tom Hardy doing his best impression of a tar-covered, monstrous version of The Mask, it's probably safe to say that Venom should have ended before it made it to theaters. But since we saw an entire film of a timid, sweaty, tater-tot loving Eddie Brock with no Spider-Man in sight, it's up to the folks at How It Should Have Ended to show us how this movie should have gone instead. And in this case, it should come as no surprise to see that Venom could have been over almost as soon as it started.

Find out how Venom should have ended below.

How Venom Should Have Ended

Sometimes nitpicking a movie's plot can be frustrating, but when it's so lazily stitched together, it's hard to ignore. That's especially true in the case of the poor planning and execution of evil plots from Riz Ahmed's villainous character Dr. Carlton Drake. Why wasn't Eddie Brock just easily dispatched with in the lab when they've flat out been infecting homeless people there? Why don't his drones do more than smash into things? These are questions a tech genius shouldn't need to answer.

But the real issue here is the strange gap between the opening moments of the movie and the progression of the film's plot. It takes six months for the symbiote to make it to the United States somehow. What is it doing that whole time? Why couldn't it literally just be there in a day or two and pull off that evil plan?

Whatever, I guess. At least Venom was smart enough to attach itself to Michelle Williams in order for Venom and Tom Hardy to have the ultimate bromance.

Anyway, here's hoping that the sequel keeps the same insane spirit that made this movie fascinating to watch while maybe improving on the storytelling significantly. After all, if we're going to bring Spider-Man into this world, then the quality needs to be jacked up quite a bit.