'Queer Eye' Season 4 Trailer: The Fab Five Shows Some School Spirit

Queer Eye is coming back this summer for a fourth season (and a fifth season is on the way). This time, the Fab Five stuck around Kansas City, Missouri after making the move to the Midwest for the show's third season. And while we've learned plenty about co-hosts Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France across three seasons, this time we'll be digging deep into one of the host's formative years by going back to their high school for a makeover. But as you'll see in the Queer Eye season 4 trailer, that's not all in store for us this summer.

Queer Eye Season 4 Trailer

As we've witnessed on the previous episodes of Netflix's revival of Queer Eye, this series is all about the touching, tear-jerking moments when the Fab Five make a connection with their makeover subject. The episode with Jonathan Van Ness' high school should be a fun one since they're working on his former orchestra teacher, but there are other episodes that look to be truly moving.

In the Queer Eye season 4 trailer, there's a tease of the gang working with a farm boy who has never even had a conversation with a gay person. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like he's opposed to it since he's participating in this show, but he probably has a lot to learn from these guys.

Then we have a woman who has been doing her hair and make-up the exact same way since the '90s, and Jonathan just can't deal with how many products there are on her bathroom sink. Elsewhere, Karamo connects with an older man who views himself as a failure, seemingly because of his parents being harsh critics of his life choices. And that's just a handful of the new episodes we'll be getting later on this month.

Don't forget, Queer Eye has already been renewed for a fifth season, and they'll be heading over to Philadelphia for the next chapter of their makeover series. After their barbecue business episode in the last season of the show, maybe there's a cheese steak episode in our future. Or maybe they can help Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty look a little less terrifying.

All the new episodes of Queer Eye season four arrive on Netflix on July 19, 2019.