Cool Stuff: 'Ghostbusters' Optimus Prime Rolls Out With The 'Transformers' Ecto-1 Crossover

Earlier this year, we got word that there would be a Ghostbusters and Transformers crossover in a limited comic book series from IDW Comics in honor of both franchises celebrating their 35th anniversaries. Not only would characters in both franchises meet, but the signature Ghostbusters vehicle, the Ecto-1, is being turned into an Autobot called the Ectotron. However, that's not the only Transformers and Ghostbusters crossover character we'll see this year.

Coming to San Diego Comic-Con this year as an exclusive release will be a Ghostbusters x Transformers set that has Optimus Prime turned into the Ecto-35, a semi-truck made to look like it belongs to the Ghostbsuters. It's...weird.

Ghostbusters Optimus Prime

Ghostbusters Optimus Prime

As you can see in the photos from Polygon, the Ghostbusters Optimus Prime has a semi trailer that turns into a little ghostbusting base when he transforms from a truck into his Autobot form. As you can see, there's also a ghost trap on six wheels, acting like a miniature ATV, complete with Slimer sitting on top. And it looks like Optimus Primes neutrino wand is built into his robot form, though there doesn't seem to be a full proton pack on his back.

In truck form, you'll notice that the top of the trailer has the exact same accessories that sit on top of the Ecto-1, and even the paint job on the trailer is made to look like the red stripes and wings on the classic vehicle.

While this may have seemed like a fun idea in theory, this is venturing a little too far outside Ghostbusters territory. The team has never had a semi truck, and having Optimus Prime turn into vehicle that seemingly belongs to them doesn't make much sense. Granted, the idea of a Transformers and Ghostbusters crossover itself is a little ludicrous, but at least the Ecto-1 turning into a Transformer made a little bit of sense.

But if you want the MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35, you'll need to pick it up from the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic-Con for $149.99. It even comes in a box shaped like a proton pack that can be worn like a backpack. There's a chance there might be an online sale (as has become customary) at some point, but we don't know for sure yet, so stay tuned.