Burger King's 'Stranger Things' Upside Down Whopper Is One Of The Stupidest Things Ever

When it comes to trying the latest soft drink, candy, chips or fast food promotions, I'm always curious. Just listen to any the Water Cooler episodes of our podcast /Film Daily and you'll hear what I'm talking about. But when it comes to Burger King's latest cross-promotion with the third season of Stranger Things, I seriously can't deal with it.

Burger King has announced a special Stranger Things Upside Down Whopper. And if you're thinking, "They didn't just take a Whopper and turn it upside down, did they?" Yes, they did. That's literally all they did. Someone dropped the damn sandwich and called it a cross-promotion.

The Stranger Things opening title sequence was overhauled and a professional camera crew was used to capture this shot that looks like someone dropped a Whopper in the middle of the commercial shoot. You know how many people have accidentally made a Stranger Things Upside Down Whopper and were not happy about it at all? Millions! And now Burger King is going to sell them. Someone got paid for this idea!

So what makes the Stranger Things Upside Down Whopper special? When it comes to the sandwich itself, nothing. Not even the condiments are reversed on the sandwich when it's turned upside down. They least they could have done was just swap the buns so that the ingredients of the sandwich were actually right-side up, making it look slightly different.

However, for all you obsessed Stranger Things fans out there, you might want to know that the Upside Down Whopper will be served in limited edition packaging. Plus, in honor of the show's lead telepathic character, it will only be served at 11 Burger King locations in Miami, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago,San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York starting on June 21.

The good news is that in addition to the stupidest sandwich sale ever conceived, these 11 Burger King locations will also have limited edition t-shirts, crowns, ketchup packets and pins. Hopefully they'll also have those throwback fry and drink containers too, which feature the classic Burger King logo from the 1980s.

Speaking of the 1980s, why the hell didn't Burger King just reach back into their 1985 menu and bring back something they haven't had in years? That was the year that Burger King introduced the first BK Chicken Tenders. Go get that old recipe out and bring back the original chicken tenders!

Anyway, if you're looking for a decent fast food promotion involving Stranger Things, we recommend heading to Baskin-Robbins instead. They have much more creative ways of tying Stranger Things into their sales of cool treats. Plus, the regular Whopper sucks anyway. All burgers need cheese and that's final.