Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: Take A Tour Of Batuu Without Any Of Those Pesky Other People Around

All of this talk about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge might be resulting in a little bit of heartache if you're not among the first people to be heading to the Disneyland theme park expansion in its first month of operation. Or maybe you're just sick of hearing about it altogether. Either way, we're sorry for this next part.

The Star Wars Show has given us something that not even the extensive coverage from our own Peter Sciretta can give us: a Star Wars Galaxy's Edge walkthrough video where almost no one else is in the park. That's right, the hosts of the official Star Wars talk show got to walk through Batuu without any other people or crying kids around. Check it out below!

The Star Wars Show goes pretty much everywhere you'd want to see in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. They even got comedian and How Did This Get Made? host Paul Scheer in on the fun, though he's mostly going rogue with the Resistance and having his own fun in the park.

The show stops by the signature food hot spots like Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, as well as the Milk Stand where both green and blue milk are served to quench your thirst. We've got our own impressions of the libations you can get at Oga's Cantina right here.

Another stop we don't get to see behind the scenes of is Savi's Workshop, where you can build your own custom lightsaber. Thankfully, that's something that our own Peter Sciretta was able to experience, and he documented it in an extensive video over here.

However, one aspect of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge that early attendees haven't been able to show us is what it's like inside the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run ride. Yes, there are a lot of videos (including our own) which explore the interior of the Falcon, but this is the first time we get to see some brief footage of being on the ride itself.

There are bound to be more cool things to explore in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge as time goes on, so be sure to stay tuned.