'Braveheart' Honest Trailer: This Is Totally Your Dad's '300'

Honest Trailers continues their stroll through blockbuster season by taking a look back at the kind of epic war movie that studios don't really make anymore.

Braveheart tells the true story of William Wallace (Mel Gibson), a medieval Scottish patriot who is spurred into revolt against the English when the love of his life is slaughtered. You know the line, "They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!" Well, even though this is a true story, history tells us there were no kilts, bagpipes, facepaint, wife, or princess that ever existed when these events unfolded. Oh, and that whole speech is made up too. Watch the Braveheart Honest Trailer for more!

Braveheart Honest Trailer

It's been a long time since I've seen Braveheart, and there's clearly a lot more stone-throwing in it then I remember. There's also a lot of torture, which you realize is surprisingly very much in line with the rest of Mel Gibson's career. That's not only true in how his characters have been stabbed, beaten, electrocuted and sliced open mercilessly, but also in how he has tortured us with What Women Want, Hacksaw Ridge, Daddy's Home 2, and plenty of questionable public behavior (and that's putting it lightly).

But even so, it's hard not to get totally jazzed when all the Scottish men stand up and fight for their own liberty. It's the kind of scene that doesn't pack as much of a punch anymore since most of the biggest armies in movies are created with visual effects. However, we feel comfortable saying that Avengers: Endgame came pretty close to capturing that vibe, albeit in a new way.