'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' May Be Getting A Remastered Re-Release This Year

Back in 2009, the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters was celebrated in a big way with the release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. At the time, the video game was a big deal because Atari was able to round up all of the original Ghostbusters cast members to reprise their roles. Basically, it was the only way we were getting a Ghostbusters 3.

Ultimately, the game wasn't exactly a home run since the story was somewhat mediocre and the game's ending didn't really deliver anything all that thrilling. But for Ghostbusters fans, with all the wisecracking from almost all the movie's original cast and the ability to become one of the Ghostbusters in a video game for the then-current generation of video games was still pretty cool. But now fans may have an opportunity to give it another chance since it would appear that a remastered re-release of the game is coming soon.

Video game news site ResetEra (via Bleeding Cool) was alerted to a listing on a Taiwanese game rating site that has Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered listed as an upcoming release. That's far from an official announcement, but considering the fact that this year marks the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters, as well as the 10th anniversary of Ghostbusters: The Video Game itself, this seems likely to happen.

If you never played Ghostbusters: The Video Game, here's the trailer from back in 2009:

The listing reportedly credits the remastered version of the Ghostbusters game to Mad Dog Games, who is one of the bigger game studios specializing in remastering older titles for the current generation consoles. If this holds true, then Ghostbusters: The Video Game will be remastered for the Xbox One specifically, since no other platform is listed here. That might be disappointing for some fans since the original game was available for a variety of consoles and platforms. Hopefully we'll find out more at E3, which is happening early next month, just a few days after Ghostbusters Fan Fest (which just added Paul Feig to the guest roster)

If the remastered version of this game touches up the graphics from 10 years ago, then this could be fun to revisit. At the very least, it will help pass the time until the new Ghostbusters movie arrives in 2020. But what would be even better is if we could get a new Ghostbusters game that actually uses the property to its full potential. Maybe it'll happen some day.