'Game Of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 2 Photos: The Calm Before The Storm

Game of Thrones only has one more traditional-sized episode left before it takes the gloves off and starts unleashing movie-length episodes all the way to the finish line, and some new images have emerged from the next episode. Get a glimpse of little Lyanna Mormont rocking some battle armor, Sansa Stark scooping soup from a bread bowl, and much more below.

HBO has ramped up the secrecy so much for this final Game of Thrones season that they won't even reveal the name of each individual episode title until after that episode has aired. It's a whole new level of paranoia, but I suppose it's somewhat warranted: this is the biggest show in the world, after all, and we really don't know what's going to happen this season beyond the fact that the third episode is going to feature the biggest battle scene in television (and possibly film) history.

So while we don't know the name of this coming Sunday's season 8, episode 2, here are 14 new photos that give us a look at what's to come:

Considering those new heights of secrecy I mentioned earlier, it seems probable that Game of Thrones set photographer Helen Sloan took these photos with the express purpose of revealing as little as possible about what's going to happen in the episode. (That's no shade to the actual photos themselves, which look great as always.) But in terms of big reveals here, or even things to speculate about or analyze, there's not much – and that's absolutely by design. Lyanna Mormont's armor is cool, and I'm excited about the probability of seeing her slice down some wights in the coming battle.

And Jaime standing in front of the tribunal at Winterfell could end up being very bad for him – do you think Dany might kill him immediately in retaliation for her father's death? That would be an undignified end for the Kingslayer, but this show used to do stuff like that all the time. Could they be getting back to that style of storytelling as the show comes to an end?

I encourage you all to read the review I co-wrote with /Film's Jacob Hall of this season's premiere, and be sure to check out our superlatives, rankings of the show's best moments and best episodes, too. Game of Thrones will air on HBO for the next five Sunday nights.