'Avengers: Endgame' TV Spot Reveals Another Victim Of The Snap That May Break Canon

Even though Marvel Studios will keep playing things close to the vest when it comes to the footage revealed from Avengers: Endgame, their marketing is still revealing tidbits here and there. Hot on the heels of the latest sneak peek at the movie announcing that tickets had gone on sale, a new Avengers Endgame TV spot has debuted, and it has a lot of Thanos running off at the mouth, not to mention some new shots of Earth's mightiest heroes. But the most interesting part comes in what seems to be another victim of The Snappening. Check it out below.

Avengers Endgame TV Spot

It's not enough that Thanos already snapped away half the living creatures in the entire universe, but now he's out there bragging about it. In this new TV spot he says, "The work is done. I won." He continues, "What I'm about to do, I'm going to enjoy it."

That sounds like the kind of taunting Thanos might do when The Avengers seek out Thanos to avenge all those that he's killed. And he might not come out on top so easily this time now that they have Captain Marvel on their side. Though it does look like War Machine and Rocket Racoon have a bit of trouble in a quick action shot. But this TV spot reveals something much more important that the misplaced confidence of Thanos.

Dr. Erik Selvig May Not Have Survived The Snap

Last fall, there was a prelude book to Avengers: Endgame called Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest, and the second volume detailed the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War. This is the book that referred to the fallout of the snap as The Decimation. In that book, it was revealed that Thor franchise characters Dr. Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis (played by Stellan Skarsgård and Kat Dennings) survived the snap. And not only that, they were spending their time trying to figure out exactly how this happened. Here's the synopsis for the book:

"A deadly threat emerged from the cosmos – and it was fulfilled. In the wake of Thanos's horrifying success, the people of Earth are left reeling in despair and confusion. Without any logical explanation for the blip-out event, those remaining must pick up the pieces. Doctor Erik Selvig and his associate Darcy Lewis are determined to find and understand the cause of the devastation. With a team of friends both old and new, they embark on a pursuit of knowledge, eager to discover the links between their own pasts and the stones that decimated half of humanity – the Infinity Stones. Little do they know that a new foe who threatens to destroy them all is looming..."

So according to this book, Dr. Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis should be alive and well. But as you can see in the shot above from the new TV spot, Selvig's face appears on the hologram being reviewed in Avengers headquarters, indicating that he's one of the many people missing. What's the deal here?

Even though Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest is directly tied into the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that doesn't explicitly make it canon. Nothing is canon until Marvel Studios says it is. Marvel also previously released a book called Thanos: Titan Consumed that revealed the backstory of the villain, but it was clarified to not be canon since it doesn't correlate with things established in the movies as canon.

Then again, there's always a chance that Selvig isn't actually dead from the snap. He could have always gone into hiding and maybe he's actually alive and working with Darcy to figure out how to undo what happened. It's not out of the realm of possibility, especially since Scott Lang's face also appears on the same hologram, but he was really just trapped in the quantum realm after the snap took place.

At the end of the day, it probably makes more sense to have someone like Dr. Erik Selvig get dusted. He's a brilliant scientist and would likely make things a little easier for the Avengers. Granted, they still have the likes of Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, but Selvig was a big help throughout the Thor franchise. And in Endgame, our heroes' are facing a shortage of big help – that's kind of the point.