LOL: 'Saturday Night Live' Turns Jordan Peele's 'Us' Into A Discover Card Commercial

Jordan Peele's latest film Us has been talked about endlessly since hitting theaters over a week ago. The film is a layered, terrifying allegory for, well, a lot of different issues facing our society today. And what's great is that there are so many interpretations of the movie out there which make perfect sense. It's the kind of movie we'll be dissecting for years.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live did what they do best by taking the popular movie and putting a comedic spin on it. In what is probably the best sketch we could have gotten based on Us, the movie is turned into one of those Discover credit card commercials where a customer talks to themselves as a customer service representative. There's even an explanation for one of the most incessantly asked mysteries in the movie. Watch the Saturday Night Live Us sketch below.

Saturday Night Live Us Sketch

Not only is this an outstanding parody of both Us and those recurring doppelgänger commercials from Discover, but it gives Saturday Night Live featured player Ego Nwodim a chance to really shine. Obviously she has no problem playing Lupita Nyong'o's above ground character, but it's when she plays Red at the customer service center that she is both hilarious and terrifying, recreating that raspy voice masterfully.

But the Saturday Night Live Us sketch doesn't just stick to Lupita Nyong'o's character. Because Kenan Thompson gets to play both Winston Duke's goofy beach-loving father character and the unsettling Tethered version of himself, shouting into the phone like a dog that doesn't know how to bark.