Kevin Smith Reveals More 'Jay And Silent Bob Reboot' Cameos From The View Askewniverse

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot has wrapped principal photography, with or without Ben Affleck. But this final week of production had plenty of cameos featuring stars from Kevin Smith's previous films in the View Askewniverse, and not just Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The latest reveals from Kevin Smith include the return of the leading ladies from Chasing Amy and Clerks II, not to mention the return of a couple very serious actors. Find out the latest Jay and Silent Bob Reboot cameos below.

First up, James Van Der Beek and Jason Biggs are both returning as themselves, the stars of the original Bluntman and Chronic movie from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This time, Bluntman and Chronic is so popular that there's an entire comic convention dedicated to the bluntastic duo, and it's appropriately called Chronic-Con. Presumably the two stars are participating in some kind of nostalgic panel about the original movie in the wake of the reboot that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot centers on.

Next, Clerks II star Rosario Dawson reunited with Kevin Smith for a small role in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. However, unlike most of the cameos we've seen revealed by Kevin Smith on social media, Dawson won't be reprising the role she played in the aforementeioned comedy sequel. Instead, the caption in the above photo makes it sound like she's playing a new character. I guess we'll have to wait until the movie comes out before we find out what it is.

Finally, the most recent cameo revealed by Kevin Smith is the return of Joey Lauren Adams as Alyssa Jones from Chasing Amy. She returned to the role in a very brief capacity at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but as you can read in the caption above, she had a much larger impact on Kevin Smith's career years before that. Surely her role will again be small, but it's still been great to see all these familiar View Askewniverse faces getting back together with Kevin Smith, no matter how brief.

As for some other cameos that we've missed out on reporting over the past few weeks, let's run through some of them now. The young pot-smoking teens played by Jake Richardson and Nick Fehlinger in front of the Quick Stop came back for an appearance. Office Space star Deidrich Bader is returning as the horny Hollywood security guard from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Kevin Smith's wife Jennifer Schwalbach is returning as the diamond thief Missy, whose life seems to have taken a turn since she's now working at a Mooby's. And Joseph Reitman is back as the beleaguered assistant director of the original Bluntman and Chronic. Of course, those are on top of the various other cameos and character returns we'll see.

If you're worried that Kevin Smith has been spoiling all these cool cameos that would have been much better to see unfold for the first time when you're sitting in a theater, the director has reassured fans that there are still plenty of surprises in store for long time fans of his work. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot doesn't have a release date yet, but as soon as it does, we'll let you know.