'A Star Is Born' Honest Trailer: Didn't Jeff Bridges Already Do This In 'Crazy Heart'?

A Star Is Born didn't take home as many Oscars as pundits thought it would when it was all the rage last fall. But Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga certainly stole the ceremony with their intimate and passionate performance of the remake's signature tune "Shallow." However, the folks at Honest Trailers can't help but notice that this movie is pretty much Crazy Heart all over again, which is also kind of a remake of A Star Is Born. And now we have a nosebleed. Watch the A Star Is Born Honest Trailer below.

A Star Is Born Honest Trailer

We already knew we weren't getting away from this Honest Trailer without a Rocket Raccoon joke, but there are actually two in this skewering of A Star Is Born. What we didn't expect was a reference to The Fifth Element, even though it should have occurred to us that Ally is just like a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Leeloo Dallas (Multi-Pass).

However, the best part of the A Star Is Born Honest Trailer is when we get a new rendition of "Shallow," complete with all the Lady Gaga noises you could ask for and even some shade thrown at Bohemian Rhapsody. A close second is the name given to Bradley Cooper's tragic suicide reveal, which is unbelievably dark, but also viciously hilarious.

We look forward to the Honest Trailer hologram video injected directly into our eyeballs when A Star Is Born is remade again in 20 years when we're all living on the moon.