The 'Happy Death Day' Honest Trailer Gets A Little Repetitive

This week brings a movie to theaters where college girl Tree Gelbman (played by Jessica Rothe) is reliving the same nightmare of a day where she not only has the worst birthday ever. But even worse is that she also keeps getting killed by someone wearing a cartoonish baby mask.

No, you're not having déjà vu. Well, you are a little bit. Because yes, you've seen this movie before. It's called Happy Death Day. But now there's a sequel called Happy Death Day 2U, and the same thing is happening again. But it's different this time. Somehow. Anyway, we'll just let Honest Trailers break down the first movie for you.

Happy Death Day Honest Trailer

All right, so maybe that didn't work out every well as a recap. Because the folks at Honest Trailers got stuck in the same kind of repetitive loop as Happy Death Day. The voiceover guy has the same problem that Tree does in the movie: he can't escape the time loop keeping him trapped until he starts being nice to everyone in Happy Death Day.

Eventually, they get it right, and they even have time to make the ever so astute observation that movies that take place in college almost never have a dorm room that is reminiscent of the real college experience. They're always far too big, and way too nice. But the room that Tree resides in? That's a perfectly shitty and small college dorm room. Oh, and Happy Death Day is pretty good too. Watch it this week and then go check out the sequel, opening on February 13, 2019.