Joe Pesci Revisits 'Home Alone' In Nostalgic Google Assistant Ad

Okay Google: What two things can get Joe Pesci out of retirement and back onto the screen? Only Martin Scorsese and Google Assistant, apparently. The Goodfellas star has all but disappeared from public view since he essentially retired in 2010. But while he'll appear later this year in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman, Pesci maintains a relatively low profile — unless it pertains to Home Alone, of course.

Following up Macauley Culkin's viral Home Alone-themed Google Assistant ad, Pesci decided to go on a trip down memory lane for his own Google Assistant Home Alone-themed ad.

Joe Pesci Home Alone Ad for Google Assistant

Google Assistant must have paid the big bucks to get Pesci on screen again. But that's par for the course for Super Bowl ads, which are notorious for regularly costing upwards of $5 million. While this Joe Pesci Home Alone ad isn't technically a Super Bowl ad, its release right before the big sports game is a pretty smart strategic move.

But Google may have blown all its money on just an appearance fee, because this ad is as low-concept as you could get. It's literally Pesci watching Macaulkin's viral Home Alone-themed ad from this past December, while excitedly pointing out to his friends about the "big part" he plays in a one-liner from the film. The line: "Better get out of here before somebody sees us." Cue laughter, and Pesci happily proclaiming, "I nailed it. I did."

The Home Alone nostalgia doesn't quite work as well outside of the Christmas season (see our heated debate about what makes a holiday movie), but it's nice to see Pesci so happy and well-paid. Now the only question remains is whether we'll get to see Daniel Stern come back as Marv. Or maybe this is leading to a grand reunion between all three Home Alone stars. Okay, Google?