'Hobbs & Shaw' Poster: Dwayne Johnson And Jason Statham Make For An Unlikely Duo

When the blockbuster season rolls around, we won't be getting a full-fledged Fast and Furious movie with the whole crew. Instead, we'll see Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw, a musical spectacular featuring two cars struggling to get by in the big city.

All right, that would be amazing. But in reality, Hobbs and Shaw is the first Fast and Furious spin-off film. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham take the lead as the two titular characters, and just in case you forgot these two guys are from two very different worlds, the first Hobbs and Shaw teaser poster serves as a good reminder.

Hobbs and Shaw Teaser Poster

It's awfully kind of Jason Statham to steal Big Ben and somehow transport it to a beach on the pacific ocean. That's just true love. In actuality, it's just another poster that feels the need to include recognizable landmarks. This way, fans of beaches and London know that they have a movie specifically made for them this summer.

Dwayne Johnson keeps teasing this spin-off as the "biggest showdown" yet. That's largely because of Idria Elba as the villain Brexton, a criminal who remains undefeated. But we can't imagine Hobbs and Shaw are gonna let that record stay intact. Plus, it sounds like they'll be getting some help from Hobbs' Samoan family.

If you're itching for your first look at footage from Hobbs and Shaw, you won't have to wait very long:

That's right, the first Hobbs and Shaw trailer will arrive Friday morning. We imagine it will have fast cars, beefy punches, and Jason Statham trying to figure out how to wrap Big Ben so Dwayne Johnson doesn't have the surprise spoiled.

Hobbs and Shaw hits theaters this summer on August 2, 2019.