'Wonder Woman 3' Will Probably Be Set In Present Day, But Without Chris Pine

Wonder Woman took us back to World War I. Wonder Woman 1984 is set to take us on back to the '80s. So it would seem apparent that director Patty Jenkins would set the still-unconfirmed Wonder Woman 3 in another time period in the past, right? Not so. Jenkins, who recently suggested that third Wonder Woman movie would be her last, wants to finally bring Diana to the present. But, as we learn more Wonder Woman 3 details from both Jenkins and co-star Chris Pine, Gal Gadot's Diana will probably be heading to the future alone.

We're still 17 months out from the release of Wonder Woman 1984, but Jenkins has already shared her vision for the third Wonder Woman solo film, where she plans to end Diana's arc. What will that arc entail? Jenkins was still tight-lipped on those details, but she did tease that Wonder Woman 3 will be a "contemporary story" in an interview in The Hollywood Reporter:

"I'm not dying to do another period piece. It was funny, I read an article today on whether it would be in the future or what it would be. ... It's definitely one of the things we've talked about. I'm not pining to put it in the past again, because where are you going to go? I think it would be weird. You have to go forward. It's definitely a contemporary story. That's all I can say. And so where we put it and how that gets figured out, I haven't totally nailed down."

This is exciting to hear. Diana is a modern icon and deserves to have a story told in the modern world (I wrote a whole piece about why Wonder Woman needs to be a hero for today), and it seems that Jenkins is eager to tell that story. But unfortunately, it seems like Diana's going to have to face modern-day obstacles on her own, as Chris Pine may have accidentally revealed. The actor told told Entertainment Tonight, "I think Steve's done his bit ... I wish them all the luck in the world," potentially spoiling Steve's fate in Wonder Woman 1984.

What do you mean, Chris!? How could you break Diana's heart again?! Well, we're not sure exactly what happens to Steve — who miraculously seems to find himself alive after dying at the end of Wonder Woman — but nothing's set in stone. Jenkins and Pine have struck up a great partnership (they also made the new TNT noir series I Am the Night) and perhaps Pine would follow the director on any of her other future projects. Perhaps Justice League 2, THR asked Jenkins? "Never say never," Jenkins said at the recent Sundance Film Festival, but suggests that maybe there shouldn't be a Justice League 2 for a while:

"I find those movies to be extremely challenging. I think they're fantastic when they're well done, but taking on all of those characters at the same time and the timeline. I sort of hope that we don't do a Justice League movie for a little while, because I think that each of those characters are really great. I'm super excited to see each of their movies. I want to see Aquaman 2, and I want to see Flash. I don't know. I would never say never, but I think everyone should have a moment to shine right now."

With Aquaman surfing high at the box office right now, and buzz building for Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins has a good point that solo superhero movies seem to be working for Warner Bros. right now. But maybe once Jenkins wraps up Diana's arc in Wonder Woman 3, she can start a whole new one for the Amazonian princess in Justice League 2.