'Glass' Tops The Weekend Box Office While A 'Dragon Ball Z' Movie Makes A Surprising Debut

January is usually dead when it comes to the box office, but this month has brought some high performers. Last weekend, The Upside surprised everyone by over-performing and taking the top spot away from Aquaman. This weekend, Glass landed in the top spot, albeit a little under expectations. But the real surprise came from the debut of FUNimation Dragon Ball Super: Broly, a low key release that somehow ended up landing the #3 spot.

Get the full rundown of Glass box office and the rest of the weekend chart below.

Box Office Mojo has Glass earning $40.5 million for the three-day weekend, but the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is expected to bring that to a $47 million box office haul. That's slightly under the $50 million predictions, perhaps because of the bad reviews that hit the web leading up to the release, but the movie is already a success since it only cost $20 million to make. It's also enough to give it the fourth biggest January opening weekend of all time.The Upside hung on to enough of the weekend audience to land the #2 spot with another $15.6 million added to the domestic haul. It's likely to rake in even more thanks to the holiday weekend, bringing the estimated total to $48 million after only 11 days, which is impressive for a movie like this.

The real story from the weekend's top performers though comes from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Yeah, we're not exactly on top of the Dragon Ball Z franchise, but the movie appears to have landed the #3 spot at the box office with a $10.6 million debut. That's not bad for a movie that didn't have much buzz going into the weekend and hasn't really been marketed much to a large audience. It just goes to show you how big the Dragon Ball Z fanbase is.

Box Office Mojo notes the numbers are coming from third party sources right now, so the final numbers from the studio could be slightly different. Either way, the movie landing so high on the charts is impressive as hell, especially when it's only playing in 1,233 theaters compared to the 3,000-plus of all the other top performers besides Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is still in around 2,700 theaters.

Coming in close behind at #4 is Aquaman with another $10.3 million. The numbers are close enough between Aquaman and Dragon Ball Super: Broly that they could swap spots on the charts when the final numbers roll in, but even if the DC Comics movie was knocked down a peg by Dragon Ball Z, it still crossed $300 million in the United States.

Rounding out the top five at the box office is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which only dropped about 20% this weekend. The animated Marvel movie added another $7.25 million to its total. After the holiday weekend, it's expected to end up with just over $160 million, and if it has long enough legs to earn another $9 million after that, it'll pass Hotel Transylvania 2 as Sony Animation's highest grossing US release ever.

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