'Star Wars Episode 9' Crew Gift Teases A Return To A Familiar Planet And Another Mystery

We're over a week into 2019, and we still don't have a teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 9. Word on the street is that might change sooner than later, but at this point, who knows when director J.J. Abrams wants to start opening the mystery box to let some secrets out.

In the meantime, it looks like a gift given to crew members may have revealed a new detail about one of the locations featured in Star Wars Episode 9. However, the source of this latest reveal also raises another mysterious question. This revelation comes from a Star Wars Episode 9 crew gift that was regifted for Christmas to a Reddit user by someone who actually worked on the set. But diving into the new details may be considered a spoiler for some people, so proceed at your own risk.

A Redditor posted a gift he received from his girlfriend's brother, who just so happened to be a crew member on Star Wars Episode 9. The gift in question was said to be what the crew received from J.J. Abrams to thank them for their work on the movie.

The little bottles are what have fans speculating away, because one of them has sand in it that says "From a long, long time ago, not so far away." The other one has beans with a tag that says "Swallow you up whole!!"

The user who posted this added some details in the comments saying the sand is "really fine sand is from a sacred place on a familiar planet." That makes us think of either Tatooine, Jedha, or Jakku, all known for their sand. As for the beans, the user says they have something to do with "a Jedi eater," though he has no idea what that possibly means.

Now for a bit of clarification. These vials were not part of the gift that J.J. Abrams gave to the crew. Instead, it was this user's girlfriend's brother who included them, presumably from the on-location sets of Star Wars Episode 9. This has been corroborated by Reddit user ThrowAnother9, who privately proved his credentials to the staff at the Star Wars Leaks subreddit and set the record straight. He posted about this on Reddit, but it didn't get any traction until StarWarsNewsNet picked up on it:

At the very least, it's nice to have confirmation that the bottles do offer some "nice little hints." Of course, all that does is raise more questions than provide any real answers. Here's hoping a new teaser trailer will start to reveal some much desired details from Star Wars Episode 9.