American Society Of Cinematographers Announce Awards Nominees In Film And Television

Celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, the American Society of Cinematographers announced the nominees for the 33rd Annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards, honoring the best cinematography of 2019 in film and television. It should come as no surprise that Alfonso Cuarón's remarkable work on Roma was nominated (after winning Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes), but what other directors of photography also earned a nomination?

Here are the theatrical nominees for the American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Award:

Theatrical Release

Alfonso Cuarón for Roma

Matthew Libatique, ASC for A Star is BornRobbie Ryan, BSC, ISC for The FavouriteLinus Sandgren, ASC, FSF for First ManLukasz Zal, PSC for Cold War

Alfonso Cuarón's own work on Roma getting nominated was a foregone conclusion, and he'll certainly be getting an Oscar nomination as well. The way he moves a camera through this quiet, harrowing drama is elegant and simple, allowing the beauty of Mexico City to radiate through every frame.

Cuarón isn't the only cinematographer nominated for his work on a foreign language film. Lukasz Zal, who previously earned a Spotlight Award nomination from the ASC, has also been nominated for Cold War, one of the other frontrunners in the foreign language category. The film's cinematography has been recognized by several critics groups, but this is the first major recognition for his work on the film.

Meanwhile, it's good to see Black Swan cinematographer Matthew Libatique getting a second nomination for A Star Is Born. He's quite the gifted director of photography, working frequently with director Darren Aronofsky. His efforts really brought humanity and intimacy to this tragic showbiz romance starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

This is Robbie Ryan's first nomination by the ASC, for his work on The Favourite, and his unique lensing of this darkly funny period drama is one of many reasons the movie stands out from other movies of its kind.

Finally, Linus Sandgren is nominated again for his work with director Damien Chazelle. The last time they teamed up was on La La Land, and Sandgren ended up winning the Academy Award. This could be a good indicator of who could win at the Oscars this year, but we'll have to wait and see if all these names end up getting nominations.

Outside of the big screen, here are the ASC's nominations for cinematographer in television:

Episode of a Series for Non-Commercial Television

Gonzalo Amat for The Man in the High Castle, "Jahr Null"

Adriano Goldman, ASC, ABC for The Crown, "Beryl"

David Klein, ASC for Homeland, "Paean to the People"

Colin Watkinson, ASC for The Handmaid's Tale, "The Word"

Cathal Watters, ISC for Peaky Blinders, "The Company"

Zoë White, ACS for The Handmaid's Tale, "Holly"

Episode of a Series for Commercial Television

Nathaniel Goodman, ASC for Timeless, "The King of the Delta Blues"

Jon Joffin, ASC for Beyond, "Two Zero One"

Ben Richardson for Yellowstone, "Daybreak"

David Stockton, ASC for Gotham, "A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight"

Thomas Yatsko, ASC for Damnation, "A Different Species"

Motion Picture, Miniseries, or Pilot Made for Television

James Friend, BSC for Patrick Melrose, "Bad News"

Mathias Herndl, AAC for Genius: Picasso, "Chapter 1"

Florian Hoffmeister, BSC for The Terror, "Go for Broke"

M. David Mullen, ASC for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Pilot)

Brendan Steacy, CSC for Alias Grace, "Part 1"