Adam Sandler Gives A Heartwarming Tribute To Chris Farley With A Wonderful Song

In case you didn't hear, Adam Sandler has an original comedy special on Netflix, and unlike most of the movies he's released over the past couple decades, it's actually a return to hilarious form for the comedian who got his start doing goofy songs and silly characters on Saturday Night Live. Along with the funny storytelling and roster of all-new original song, there's one particular moment that you might be surprised to have pull at your heartstrings.

Adam Sandler's 100% Fresh comedy special features a tribute to the late, great comedian Chris Farley, who has now been gone for 21 years. Sandler sings a simultaneously funny and heart-warming song about the Tommy Boy star, the various characters he played on Saturday Night Live, the profound effect he had on everyone who came into contact with him, and the tragic day when he left us all too soon.

Adam Sandler Chris Farley Tribute

If you would have told me that Adam Sandler's comedy special in 2018 would genuinely bring tears to my eyes, I would have said you were crazy. But here we are, and this is one of the most touching moments of the year in pop culture. You can tell Sandler really loved Chris Farley, as did all of his friends, and knowing the tragic fate that he met by living life too fast only makes it that much harder. But at least he gave us years of laughter and still inspires new generations of comedians to this day, hopefully with a bit of caution too.

Trust me when I say Adam Sandler's comedy special will be one of the most pleasant surprises of 2018 if you give it a shot. It's available to watch on Netflix right now, so maybe watch it with the older members of your family over the holidays.