Cool Stuff: All Your Favorite Sci-Fi & Horror Movies And TV Shows Collide In An Epic Print

Almost two years ago to the day, artists Josan Gonzalez and Laurie Greasley released a Where's Waldo-esque print called "The Raid" that combined a ton of iconic sci-fi characters, monsters, robots and more into a single image. Now they're back with a sequel called "The Raid 2: Incident on Line 13," and not only have they brought in even more sci-fi elements, but they've added a slew of iconic horror slashers, creatures and characters.

See how long it takes you to find Snake Plissken aiming at Jason Voorhees in The Raid 2 print below.

Josan Gonzalez and Laurie Greasley's The Rain 2 Print

The Raid 2 Print

These are the kind of prints that your friends will stare at every time they come over because there's something new to notice each and every time you look at it. Here's some close-up images of "The Raid 2: Incident on Line 13" from Hero Complex Gallery.

Unlike the first "The Raid" print, which sold out quickly as part of the Hero Complex Gallery show Sci-Scapes, there is a timed screen print edition for "The Raid 2: Incident on Line 13." It's on sale right now, and will be available to buy for the next two weeks through Wednesday, November 28th at midnight.

However, for those of you who like more limited edition prints, there's a giclee version limited to an edition of 185. Or if you want a more rare edition, there's a key line version of the print with an edition of just 65. All the prints measure 24x36 and cost $75.

If you missed out on "The Raid" the first time around, there's also good news, because there's a screen print edition of that first print available now with an edition of 250.