'Parks And Recreation' Legend Li'l Sebastian Sneakily Appeared On 'The Good Place'

The NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation had an incredible ensemble of memorable characters from seven seasons of hilarity, but none of them hold a candle to the miniature horse known as Li'l Sebastian. That's because he's 5,000 candles in the wind.

While fans might have thought that we'd seen the last of Li'l Sebastian, since he traded his legs for angels wings, let's not forget that Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur is also the creator of The Good Place, which just so happens to take place in the afterlife. So it should come as no surprise that Li'l Sebastian recently popped up in The Good Place along with a whole bunch of animals. Find out about the Lil Sebastian cameo that you likely missed in The Good Place below.

Here's the brief moment in question that Li'l Sebastian appeared in last week's episode of The Good Place:

Vulture spotted the tiny horse in the background during the "Pick a Pet" day sequence where the citizens of The Good Place get to pick their own pet that they will bond with forever, even getting a chance to turn into them at one point. But how do they know it's Li'l Sebastian, and how did they even know to look for him?The Good Place account on Instagram posted this image of co-star D'Arcy Carden (who plays the helpful Janet):

How do we know that's Li'l Sebastian? Well, look at all those candles in the wind in the caption. Of course, this hasn't been confirmed, but since this isn't the first time details from Parks and Recreation have seeped into The Good Place, this is clearly meant to be an intentional nod to the beloved animal from Pawnee, Indiana.

However, this does raise one major concern. Let's not forget that The Good Place is actually The Bad Place in disguise. Does that mean the incredible Li'l Sebastian is in The Bad Place? Or is this just a recreation of Li'l Sebastian, who is actually in The Good Place? Someone better ask Michael Schur and get some answers! Until then, bye-bye Li'l Sebastian.