'John Wick 3' Image Reveals A Meeting Between Two Old Frenemies

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who think the John Wick movies are just action movies and those who think the John Wick movies are a feverish pinnacle of pop culture art that we will explore and study for years to come. I've gone on record as being part of the latter.

A new image from John Wick 3 (or John Wick 3: Parabellum, as it is apparently titled) has arrived online and it caters specifically to Wick nerds like me. There's not a gun or a Keanu Reeves in sight. Just the promise of a meeting between two very dangerous men.

John Wick 3 Image

Yep, that's a rooftop meeting between Ian McShane's Winston, mysterious mastermind of the "fancy hotels for assassins" chain known as the Continental, and Laurence Fishburne's Bowery King, a former henchmen who escaped a brutal injury at the hands of John Wick and went on to found an unground criminal organization staffed entirely by homeless people. Honestly, that sentence explains 75% of the appeal behind the John Wick series – this kind of insane world-building feels effortless on the screen. (Or course, that remaining 25% is Keanu Reeves shooting bad guys in the face.)

As you may recall, John Wick: Chapter 2 ended with John Wick breaking the rules of the Continental and enacting violent revenge on its grounds. Not even his old ally Winston could get him out of this jam, and a massive bounty was placed on his head. Cue that agonizing final shot of John and his doggo fleeing through the streets of New York City, knowing that soon everyone will be coming for him.

So we probably have a pretty good idea what those two very different criminal masterminds are chatting about: John Wick. Or rather, the many millions of dollars that will be paid if he dies. Winston was a loyal friend to John throughout the first two films, but the Bowery King was a reluctant ally, assisting our vengeful hero with the absolute bare minimum asked of him. There's no loyalty or love lost there. In either case, both of these guys gunning for him is going to be a huge problem.

In addition to Reeves, McShane, and Fishburne, John Wick 3 will see the return of Common and Lance Reddick. New cast members include Halle Berry, Angelica Huston, Asia Kate Dillon, Mark Dacascos, Jason Mantzoukas, and Hiroyuki Sanada. Derek Kolstad once again wrote the screenplay and Chad Stahelski once again directs. The film will hit theaters on May 17, 2019.