'Who Is America?' Clip: Sacha Baron Cohen Humiliates Disgraced Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio With A Talking Donut

Who is America? may be hit or miss when it comes to the quality of its episodes, but at least its viral clips always provide us a good, righteous laugh. This time around, the subject is disgraced former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose racist, anti-illegal immigrants antics were so heinous that he received a federal criminal conviction — until he was pardoned by his good friend, President Donald Trump. Arpaio was never brought to court for his crimes of racial profiling and contempt of court.

In swoops Sacha Baron Cohen, posing as an outrageous, orange-haired YouTuber from Finland, to humiliate Arpaio for us, in place of actual legal justice. In a spoof of the ubiquitous "unboxing" videos that are inexplicably a huge genre in the YouTube community, Baron Cohen manages to get Arpaio to yell about gun control to a toy donut and admit that he would probably accept a blowjob from Trump. All in a good day's work.

Who is America Joe Arpaio Clip

Who knew that in 2018, the closest thing we would have to a savior in our political hellscape is a bewigged, bespectacled Baron Cohen buried under mountains of prosthetics? Donning the persona of a bombastic YouTuber and a "Finnish" accent that sounds very much like every other accent he does, Baron Cohen does what he does best: humiliate political figures who are totally deserving of getting taken down a peg or two on camera. And while this Who is America? Joe Arpaio clip doesn't quite reach the heights of the clip that got Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer to resign (but really, how can you beat getting an elected official to drop their pants and yell expletives on camera?) but it's still pretty satisfying.

In the clip, Arpaio looks increasingly baffled at his presence in this interview in which Baron Cohen's character OMGWhizzBoyOMG mostly ignores him in favor of the Shopkins World Vacation toy set. Every time Arpaio starts to get into a long-winded rant about racism or gun control or something, the video will hilariously interrupt him with a tiny musical interlude promoting the toys. But Baron Cohen lets Arpaio go long enough to yell at a toy donut about how more guns will stop "bad guys with guns" (they won't), and to agree to OMGWHizzBoyOMG's questions about whether Arpaio would allow his BFF Trump to give him a blowjob.

This clip is insane, it's horrifying, and it's what we need in the year of our lord 2018.