'Extinction' Trailer: Michael Peña Faces An Alien Invasion In Netflix's Latest Sci-Fi Thriller

Right now, you can catch Michael Peña stealing scenes in the Marvel Studios sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp. But later this month, he'll be taking the lead in a sci-fi thriller over at Netflix.

Extinction follows Michael Peña as a husband and father who finds his sleep interrupted by visions of a deadly alien invasion. At first, they're nothing more than bad dreams, but when a real attack by alien invaders begins, he realizes that everything he has seen is a future he had not yet lived, making him the key to his family's survival. Watch the Extinction trailer below.

Netflix's Extinction Trailer

It's nice to see Michael Peña as the leading man in a movie like this, which makes it even more disappointing that this movie looks less than stellar. It has the vibe of something like Skyline, and the visual effects leave something to be desired as well. The trailer has the feel of a movie you might find on SyFy on a Saturday afternoon. However, there are some intriguing details to notice.

If you take a look at the quick shots of the perceived invaders, their bodies don't look dissimilar from humans. On top of that, check out the tagline for the poster that Netflix sent out with their press release:

Extinction Poster

The tagline says "We Were Not Here First." So that implies that these invaders perhaps inhabited Earth before we did. On top of that, you can catch Luke Cage star Mike Colter in the trailer saying, "What's happening out there has been headed our way for a very long time." Does that mean this is something our government has known about? It certainly seems to hint at thematic elements regarding comeuppance, possibly with ties to our ancestors stealing the land that we call the United States from Native Americans. Then again, maybe I'm giving the movie too much credit.

Extinction is directed by Ben Young (Hounds of Love) with a script by Spenser Cohen, the writer behind Roland Emmerich's upcoming movie Moonfall. The rest of the cast includes Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls) and Israel Broussard (Happy Death Day). Maybe it'll turn out to be all right?

A working class father of the future faces recurring dreams of destruction by an unknown force.  When his unwanted nightmares begin to affect his relationship with his family, he soon realizes they may be the key to a horrible reality, as a relentless alien attack begins to destroy the Earth.  As the invaders' assault progresses, he is forced to find both the strength to protect his family and an understanding of who he truly is.

Extinction hits Netflix on July 27, 2018.