Star Wars Bits: Episode IX Rumors, Poe Dameron's X-Wing Secrets Revealed, And The Bigger Luke Theory Returns

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Lando Calrissian calls out the whiteness of Star Wars on SNL
  • Reddit rumors suggest Episode IX will take from Knights of the Old Republic
  • The "Bigger Luke" theory continues to ruin lives
  • Lucasfilm gets sued for using Sabacc to advertise Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • And much, much more!
  • For a long time, one of the biggest questions about Star Wars has been the lack of diversity in the humanoid characters that inhabit the galaxy far, far away. Well, last week Donald Glover hosted Saturday Night Live, and in a very pointed and hilarious sketch, he became Lando Calrissian to make an excellent point about the whiteness of the Star Wars universe.

    Forces of Destiny has been an utter joy since its premiere last year, and with Season Two, the show has gotten even better, expanding on important moments in canon and giving us lovely character beats that the films never had time to show us. In a new entry to the web shorts, Forces of Destiny introduced a very interesting new prospect, as it gave us an animated version of a deleted scene from The Force Awakens. Does this mean we'll be getting more cartoon adaptations of deleted scenes? If so, we vote for the now-iconic moment when someone walks between Finn and Poe as they intensely talk in The Last Jedi.Star Wars Sabacc

    You might've heard that last December, Lucasfilm began a lawsuit against a company – ironically called Ren Ventures – which accused the mobile gaming company of trademark infringement for their Sabacc phone app which launched to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens. SyFy reports that things in this saga have now taken a very strange turn after Ren Ventures counter-sued Lucasfilm and Denny's for trademark infringement for using Sabacc in a recent commercial to advertise the new Solo: A Star Wars Story movie! As Sabacc was invented for and introduced in Star Wars, we don't think they have much of a case. But it is a very fitting move for a company with the namesake of those who hang with Ben Solo.

    Want to see the Sabacc Denny's commercial that got Lucasfilm and the family diner chain sued? Luckily, now you can as the advert premiered on YouTube and is still live right now! The short showcases a lot of cool new creatures, as well as hinting at the iconic moment where Han wins the Millennium Falcon from Lando!

    Ever wanted to eat the Millennium Falcon? Thanks to this Kessel Rum Cake from Nerdist Nosh, now you can! The delish delicacy is a perfect addition to any Solo: A Star Wars Story celebrations that you have planned. And, of course, we bet that you can eat this majestic baked good in under twelve parsecs!

    knights of the old republic*SPOILER KLAXON* The same Reddit user who predicted some of The Last Jedi's biggest twists after claiming to have read story boards for Ep. XIII has returned to the Star Wars speculation subreddit again, this time stating that he's read early storyboards for Episode IX. And big spoiler potential here: what he's read takes from some very familiar expanded universe lore – namely the beloved Knights of the Old Republic and its terrifying Star Forge. The user makes a lot of radical claims that paint a very different picture of what many were expecting from Ep. IX, but to keep readers safe, we'll leave the choice up to you. If you want you can read all of these alleged reveals, you can do so right here.

    Disney has been doing a fantastic job of creating their very own canon expanded universe with their incredible books like Lost Stars, Aftermath, and Leia, Princess of Alderaan. This week, they announced an exciting new Star Wars middle grade book series about the history of Millennium Falcon called "Flight of the Falcon," which will feature a connection to the planet Batuu from the upcoming Galaxy's Edge theme park at Disney. "These tales take us from a time just before Solo: A Star Wars Story, when Lando and L3 had the Falcon, through the original trilogy, and into the new trilogy, ending on the incredible world of Batuu," teased Michael Siglain, the Creative Director of Lucasfilm Publishing. The first book is called Star Wars: Lando's Luck, written by Justina Ireland with illustrations by Annie Wu.

    Another vital part of Disney's new expanded universe is Marvel's Star Wars comic book line, and the Poe Dameron title has once again answered a big question from the new trilogy: Why didn't Poe use his signature black X-Wing at the beginning of The Force AwakensStar Wars Explained delves into the answer, which is a strategic one, and will be a fun discovery for those who enjoyed Leia and Poe's relationship in the newer entries to the Star Wars canon.

    After the controversy and general disappointment of the Battlefront 2 release, EA has been doing their best to do some really fun stuff with the game (like introducing playable Ewoks), and now they're about to embark on Solo season! Not only will you get to visit some radical Han Solo-centric locations from the OG trilogy, but you'll also get to become Lando or Leia in her Bouush armor. You can team up with Chewie and fight villains, or you can create your own personalized ship in the Starfighter arcade!

    Marvel's Star Wars comics have become a vital bit of extracurricular canon for big fans, as they often offer us little extra tidbits and character beats that we're missing from the central movies. This week Star sat down with the writer of the new The Last Jedi adaptation, Gary Whitta, who's behind the comic version of the movie alongside artist Michael Walsh. Whitta explained that adapting the divisive movie was no easy task: "There's a lot, a lot of movie in there. Not just in terms of the running time – it's the longest one – but even beyond that, like Rian puts more in per minute than in most other films. There's so much to unpack."

    Evil Luke Skywalker Twin

    The "Bigger Luke" theory has long been one of the most ridiculous, nonsensical, and fun Star Wars fan theories, and I say that as a Han Solo Force user truther. Now Nerdist's Dan Casey has created a very humorous video explaining how the outrageous theory that a bigger version of Luke Skywalker exists in the galaxy has in fact ruined his life. We're sure Dan will not be the first or last person to have their existence destroyed by this terrifying (and very compelling!) theory.

    As we get ever closer to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, we're getting much more of a feel for the style and aesthetic of the '70s influenced Han Solo origin flick. And that vibe continues with this exclusive Solo: A Star Wars Story IMAX poster which was revealed on Twitter!