VOTD: Tommy Wiseau Breaks Down One Of The Best Scenes From 'The Disaster Artist'

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Yesterday Tommy Wiseau scared the hell out of us with a video of him auditioning as The Joker for no good reason at all. Now today he's providing some insight into the accuracy of The Disaster Artist when it comes to depicting the making of his infamous independent film turned cult classic, The Room.

For Vanity Fair's "Notes on a Scene" video series, Tommy Wiseau breaks down the rooftop scene featuring James Franco (as the eccentric Wiseau) struggling to correctly remember his lines, resulting in an embarrassing amount of takes. Wiseau's insight on the original scene is interesting, but you also have to wonder if what he says is true.

Wiseau uses this opportunity to discuss some of the decisions he made during the making of The Room, many of which are accurately represented in The Disaster Artist. For example, the decision to shoot the film on both 35mm and HD video is totally accurate, and Wiseau goes out of his way to explain why he did that.

Even more fascinating is how Wiseau dives into how The Disaster Artist might have been different if he had directed it himself. Could you imagine how insane a movie about the making of The Room would have been if it were directed by Wiseau? Then we'd have to see a movie about the making of the movie about the making of The Room.

The Disaster Artist is available on Blu-ray and DVD today. Watch our exclusive clip from the release right here.