LOL: Charles Barkley Can't Understand 'Star Wars' Aliens In This Cut 'SNL' Sketch

Last weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Charles Barkley was fairly lackluster. Though there were some decent laughs to be had here and there, the episode was mostly a disappointment. However, it could have been vastly improved if a certain pre-recorded sketch was included in the episode.

When Saturday Night Live does dress rehearsal, the episode has more sketches than will fit during the timeslot for the show. After dress rehearsal, it's determined which sketches need to be cut, whether it's because they didn't land well at dress rehearsal or because they just don't fit in the schedule properly. In this case, we lost a Star Wars sketch with Charles Barkley as a character who doesn't understand any alien languages, rendering him useless.

Watch the Saturday Night Live Star Wars Spin-Off Sketch

What's great about this sketch is that it's introduced by J.J. Abrams as if it's part of another Star Wars spin-off called The Mos Eisley Five. Strangely, there are characters who resemble Rey and Poe Dameron, but this is apparently an entirely different assembly of characters.

The gag here is that Charles Barkley's Jedi character apparently has no knowledge of alien languages, and he especially has no idea what the droids and bleeping and blooping about. It's a simple premise, but the production quality of this sketch is what really sells it, even if SNL's strange version of Jabba the Hutt looks a little odd with Kenan Thompson in a complex make-up and prosthetic job. It was better than 75% of the sketches that aired in the final episode, so we wish it made it to air.