Final 'Dundee' Trailer Gives Up The Gag, But There's More To Come With Danny McBride Down Under

It's been a couple weeks since a surprise trailer for the comedy sequel Dundee grabbed our attention. Danny McBride starred in the teaser as the estranged American son of Crocodile Dundee who comes to Australia to find his missing father. As time went on, new footage revealed the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman being part of the project, but then we learned it was all an elaborate gag to promote Australian tourism, and that was that.

Even though Dundee isn't real, we've enjoyed seeing how it all played out, especially when the trailer featuring Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher and other Aussie stars debuted online. And it all came to a head during the Super Bowl last night when the final commercial aired where Danny McBride finally realized that this wasn't a real movie.

Watch the Final Dundee Super Bowl Trailer

Going along with the gag established in the previous spots, the Tourism Australia 2018 commercial goes from being a movie trailer slowly becomes a little more obvious about its intentions as Tourism Australia's global tourism ambassador Chris Hemsworth starts calling more attention to the various attractions Australia has to offer. Even the original Crocodile Dundee, actor Paul Hogan, makes an appearance. But don't worry, this isn't the last we'll see of Danny McBride in Australia.

The official press release for Tourism Australia's big Super Bowl ad says, "A distinct suite of online films—titled "Why Australia?"—featuring Danny "Dundee" McBride were developed in parallel." In fact, in a follow-up story, The Hollywood Reporter says, "Over the next two years, there will be close to 150 pieces of content for the campaign that will feature McBride interacting with other Australian celebrities, such as crocodile wrangler Matt Wright, singer-actress Jessica Mauboy, and celebrity chef Curtis Stone."

That's cool, but I can't help but still wish this was a real project. Of course, the movie would be considerably more expensive. All of the big Australian stars appearing in the commercial offered their talents free of charge out of respect for their homeland, but surely they'd want a paycheck for starring in an entire feature film.

For those curious, all of the spots were directed by Steve Rogers, a noted commercial director, and the stunning cinematography was done by Russell Boyd, who held the same position behind the scenes on the original film in 1986. They shot in real Australian locations such as Lawn Hill Gorge, Mission Beach, Kangaroo Island, Montalto Winery and the Quay Restaurant in Sydney's Harbour. All of this came together pretty quickly too with most of the shooting happening in December (since it's summer in Australia), with cameos from the famous Aussies added in January.

Maybe if we're lucky and the fan response is big enough, the producers of this elaborate Australian advertising campaign will try to get a real Crocodile Dundee sequel off the ground.

If you're interested in planning a trip to Australia, head to Tourism Australia right now to get started.