Mondo Unveils 'Die Hard' Poster By Olly Moss And 'Mouse Guard' By David Petersen

This is not the first time Mondo has tackled Die Hard, but it is the first time Olly Moss, one of the most talented poster artists working today, has tackled the 1988 action classic. A new Olly Moss Die Hard poster was revealed today and will go on sale tomorrow, alongside a new poster based on the comic book series Mouse Guard. You can check them both out below.

Moss' work has always been about subtlety and wit, with familiar images often blending together in amusing, unexpected, and instantly recognizable ways. His Die Hard poster is no different: we hover over the top of Nakatomi, with its familiar helicopter landing pad, and watch as the base of the building transforms into the barrel of John McClane's service pistol. Like the best Olly Moss posters, it's so simple and so ingenious that you can't help but kick yourself for not thinking about it first. The use of the film's Japanese title is a nice touch, along with the vivid yellow background.

die hard olly moss

The poster will measure 24" x 36" and come in an edition of 425. It'll cost you $50 and will go on sale at a random time tomorrow. So if you like what you see, make sure you keep on refreshing Mondo's website or keep your eye on their Twitter feed.

The second poster is for a lesser known title, albeit a lesser known title that people adore (and one that is currently being developed for a movie). That title is Mouse Guard, the fantasy comic series from writer and artist David Petersen. Naturally, he also created the posters seen below – an original that will go on sale at a random time tomorrow and a variant that will be available for purchase at the BOOM! Studios booth at New York Comic-Con this weekend.

These posters measure 24" x 36" and the original will cost you $45. The variant will set you back $65.