'The Mummy' Honest Trailer: A Loose Connection Of Studio Notes Masquerading As A Movie

Even though Universal's latest attempt to remake The Mummy only just came out this past summer, the movie was so painfully bad and forgettable that it feels like it's been much longer. Thankfully (or maybe unfortunately), the folks at Honest Trailers are here to remind us of all the missteps taken by this tragically misguided attempt to turn The Mummy into an action adventure franchise. It's full of bunch of lame setpieces you don't care about, no scares at all, and one of the most boring, awful lead characters in a blockbuster that not even Tom Cruise can save.

Watch The Mummy Honest Trailer below.

How is it possible that a movie can simultaneously explain everything to the audience as if they were morons, and yet still be so incoherent and incomprehensible that the story still doesn't make sense. But maybe it's better if Universal doesn't move forward with their franchise starring actors in their 50s bringing back movie monsters from the 1930s, especially if they're all going to be as bland and ill-conceived as The Mummy.

At the same time, The Mummy is one of those trainwrecks that I almost recommend seeing yourself, just to remind you what a truly awful studio blockbuster looks like. So if you get a free rental or one of your friends wins a terrible contest and falls into a copy of the movie, toss back a few shots and see how drunk you have to be before you start having fun with the movie.