VOTD: How 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' Should Have Ended

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 available now on Digital HD and coming soon to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD, you just know the folks at How It Should Have Ended couldn't resist giving the Marvel Studios sequel a different conclusion.

Though there may not be multiple credits scenes, there are various tangents that the HISHE crew goes on that shake up the kind of trouble our ragtag team of space criminals get themselves into.

Watch How Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Should Have Ended below.

The funny people over at HISHE explained they've been cooking up this episode for awhile now:

"Since it hit theaters we started building this episode. Some HISHE's take longer than others and this one was one of those longer ones. One because there are so many characters in this movie we had to actually cut out some of our ideas. And Two we were in an extremely busy time over here with babies being born, going to conventions, and then moving HISHE into a new home. But it's finally here! So please enjoy! This episode was a blast to work on. I'm sorry it couldn't be 20 minutes long with 5 bonus credits scenes."

Once again, HISHE has pointed out a bit of a hole in the climax. There really doesn't seem to be a reason for Yondu not to use his whistle-controlled arrow to take out all of those Sovereign ships, especially since we've already seen that the arrow can go through the walls of the Ravagers ship. The arrow also seems to have an impressive range give that it was soaring all through that big ship while Yondu was in its control room. Since all the Sovereign ships had Star-Lord and Yondu surrounded, it should have been all too easy to dispatch with them. Obviously this is just some nitpicking in jest, but I wonder what director James Gunn would have to say about this?