Watch: Adam Savage Puts On 'Alien: Covenant' Spacesuit, Talks To Costume Designer Janty Yates

The set of Alien: Covenant was explored by Adam Savage as part of a sponsored series of videos from the folks at Tested, and today brings another glimpse behind the scenes of the sequel to the prequel that was Prometheus.

This time, the former Mythbusters co-host checks out one of the new Weyland-Yutani space suits that our intrepid cosmic explorers will strap on in the movie. In strapping on the gear for this suit, it's impressive to see what a sleek and well-constructed piece of wardrobe this suit is. You know it's good when even someone like Adam Savage, who has built stuff like this for a living, is floored by how flawless the design is.

Watch the Alien Covenant spacesuit featurette after the jump.

In addition to Adam Savage trying on the suit, there's some b-roll footage of Danny McBride shooting a scene with the suit on. This is the suit that the crew of the Covenant has to wear when they're out in space, but I'm not sure we'll see all of them wear it in the movie.

Simply because of the color, there's a flare of the payloader from Aliens. Otherwise, the suit is quite the departure from both the suits in Prometheus and the suits from Alien. That's actually intentional, as we find out when Adam speaks to costume designer Janty Yates, who explains the extensive research that goes into creating something like this, especially when it comes to incorporating real technology into the practical suits.