The 'Deadpool 2' Teaser Trailer Is Here, Taking Its Sweet Time

If you've seen Logan by now, you know that the latest X-Men film comes with a fun little surprise: a teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, a sequel that hasn't even started filming yet. Now, that trailer has arrived online, just in case you want to watch it again.

To be honest, the Deadpool 2 trailer is more of a short film than a trailer, Fox's answer to Marvel's defunct "One-Shots" that they used to include on their Blu-rays and DVDs. There is no release date, no proper title, and no footage from the actual film (which is still be being written). However, there is the promise of more Deadpool in the future and considering what a gigantic success the first film was last year, that will be a welcome announcement for anyone who leaves their home to see the new Wolverine movie on opening weekend.

Anyway, this teaser sees Ryan Reynolds suiting up once more as the insane, fast-talking superhero and the gags are fast and furious and dirty and very,very  silly. There's extensive use of the most recognizable superhero music of all time, a fourth-wall shattering call-out to a crew member on the first movie, an amusing cameo, and a pitch-black conclusion that brushes right up against the boundaries of good taste. This won't change the minds of anyone who didn't like the first movie, but fans (and I'm one of them) will surely appreciate what's going on here. Honestly, this feels like a fun back-up story you'd find at the end of a larger Deadpool comic.

The only major change is the man behind the camera. Deadpool 2 will be directed by John Wick co-director David Leitch and he reportedly helmed this footage. There's not much to judge quite yet, but he does showcase a strong eye for comedy in these three minutes (and we already know he can shoot great action). I especially enjoyed just how ridiculously depressing and dilapidated the city around Deadpool appears to be.

This trailer arrives before much of Deadpool 2 is set in stone. There are rumors that Drew Goddard has jumped on the screenwriting team and that Stranger Things star David Harbour is being considered for the role of Cable, one of Deadpool's frequent comrades (and foils) in the X-Men comic books. And of course, a full blown X-Force movie (which would unite Deadpool with other mutant antiheroes who have a habit of not taking any prisoners) is still moving forward.

Deadpool 2 is currently set for a March 2, 2018 release date.