VOTD: How 'Rogue One' Should Have Ended

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story won't arrive on Digital HD until March 24 followed by Blu-ray and DVD on April 4. But the folks over at How It Should Have Ended wanted to get a head start on tackling the first standalone Star Wars spin-off from Disney and Lucasfilm.

They waste no time taking jabs at Rogue One, starting with the lack of an opening crawl and how it would have been much easier to just include one than it was for them to make a computer generated Grand Moff Tarkin. Then after that, they just poke holes here and there in the amusing way that only HISHE can deliver.

Watch how Rogue One should have ended after the jump.

The one plot hole pointed out that I don't think actually holds up as a narrative criticism has to do with Galen Erso not giving the Death Star plans to the turned Imperial pilot Bodhi Rook. You may remember that the files holding the Death Star plans are rather large, so much that they're stored in a big ole harddrive that has to be physically pulled from an Imperial databank. It takes a few minutes for them to upload to the Rebel Alliance with the assistance of a massive satellite. Taking all that into consideration, I highly doubt that those plans would be easily uploaded onto a small drive in the way that Galen's message given to Bodhi was recorded. Plus, it would stand to reason that Imperial security would likely have noticed such a large upload of their secret weapon plans

Beyond the poking of plot holes, my favorite part of this video is the recreation of the scene from The Dark Knight Rises when Bane intimidates Ben Mendelsohn's character, but in the Batman villain's place is Darth Vader.