LOL: 'Zootopia' Filmmakers Created Animal Parody Posters For Oscar Nominees

Since Zootopia has been on home video for awhile, I hope you've taken the time to pause the movie during the scene where Duke Weaselton is selling bootleg copies of movies we all know and love, but with an animal twist that only Zootopia can offer. You'll find titles like Wreck-It Rhino, Meowana and Pig Hero 6 in the pile of bootleg movies, showing us what the animal versions of those movies would be like in the thriving metropolis of anthropomorphic creatures.

Now Zootopia directors Rich Moore and Byron Howard, as well as screenwriter Jared Bush, have created parody posters for some of the Oscar nominees who will be vying for a golden man when the awards are passed on this Sunday, February 26. They include pun-tastic parodies of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, La La Land, Hell or High Water and more.

Check out the Zootopia parody posters after the jump.

The Zootopia filmmaking team worked with Oh My Disney to create this clever batch of posters that make us wish Disney would create child friendly animal versions of all these movies. Apparently some of the movies weren't as easy to parody, like Arrival and Moonlight, though I feel like the latter could have been done with a wolf. Maybe they just didn't have enough time.

The biggest question I have is if Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has an animal in the lead role, does that mean the creatures that he's trying to round up would be people? I supposed they could easily still be magical creatures that just don't exist in Zootopia, but I feel like they would have to be people who act like animals instead.

The real missed opportunity though is not having a parody poster for Lion. Really all they needed to do is have a blank poster on it with a Lion just sitting there shrugging. That would have been perfect. Someone with Photoshop skills can surely mock one up quickly. If anyone out there makes one, feel free to post it in the comments.