Explore Detailed 3D Floor Plans From TV Sets Of 'The Office', 'Parks And Recreation' & More

Though the production design of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation do their best to make the primary locations feel like a real place, it's a sad reality that fans will never be able to walk through the offices of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company or the Pawnee City Hall. But the marketing department over at the real estate company Drawbotics decided to give us the next best thing.

Using their graphic design skills, Drawbotics created 3D floor plans of the sets of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation as well as Silicon Valley, Mad Men and The IT Crowd. They're impressively detailed and just might give you a better idea of how to navigate the offices of these shows as if they were real locations.

Check out the TV show floor plans after the jump.

There is some outstanding attention to detail here if you zoom in on each of the high-resolution images in the gallery above, and we wouldn't expect anything less after the team behind these 3D floor plans spent hours binge-watching these shows again, not to mention spending 200 hours creating the floor plans themselves.

If you want some commentary on each of the floor plan designs, you can check them out at the Drawbotics website right here. In addition, Drawbotics hints that there is some kind of easter egg in just one of the 3D floor plans that hints at another project like this that they're working on.

Now if someone can just use these to create some kind of attraction with these offices recreated in real life, that would be outstanding.