VOTD: 'Power Rangers' Trailer Gets Remade As Original Series Opening Credits

Last week, we finally got a proper look at the new Power Rangers movie coming to theaters in a couple months in the form of a full trailer. New footage included all of the teenagers with attitude in action, in their power suits, and in their Zords. It certainly has a new tone and style for the property that became popular back in the 1990s, feeling right in line with something like the Transformers franchise.

It remains to be seen whether adults who were once fans of the show will seek out this movie for the sake of nostalgia, or if they'll only be going because their kids are dragging them to it. In the meantime, those who grew up loving the first iteration of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be pleased to see a nicely done mash-up that takes footage from both of the Power Rangers trailers, and brings it together in the style of the opening credits of the original show.

Watch the Power Rangers opening credits mash-up after the jump.

As someone who only grew up watching the original iteration of this series, this video hits right in my dumb nostalgia wheelhouse. I'm still not convinced that Power Rangers will be anything remarkable, but it does look like it will offer some mind-numbing blockbuster fun. And at the end of the day, I think that's all anyone expects out of it. So if Power Rangers somehow turns out to be something better, then we all win.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 27.