'Space Jam' Honest Trailer: A 90-Minute Commercial To Sell Air Jordans & Looney Tunes Toys

When it comes to entertainment today, the nostalgia train is chugging along rather smoothly as Hollywood remakes, reboots and recycles anything and everything that people loved from decades ago. Now that children of the 90s are starting to have kids of their own, movie studios, TV networks and streaming services are all trying to occupy their spare time with shows like Girls Meets World and Fuller House, as well as sequels like Jumanji. But the one movie that hasn't been capitalized upon again (at least not quite yet) is the live-action animation hybrid sports comedy Space Jam.

There's plenty of nostalgic love for the Warner Bros. Pictures movie that brought Michael Jordan and all of the Looney Tunes together on the big screen, and that's blinded people as to just how lazy the movie really is. Either that or they just don't care. But Honest Trailers is here to remind you as they deliver the third movie in their Fan Appreciation Week line-up.

Watch the Space Jam Honest Trailer after the jump.

As a child of the Midwest who grew up rooting on the Chicago Bulls, watching every NBA game I could, and collecting hundreds of basketball cards, Space Jam was, well, my jam. But even in my younger years, I recognized that there were some problems with Space Jam, especially the fact that the basketball game has no rules whatsoever.

Beyond the game itself (which as the Honest Trailer rather astutely points out, doesn't take place in space), I was always mystified at the fact that no human person besides Wayne Knight really seemed to care where Michael Jordan was. Is it possible that time moves slower in the real world compared to the Looney Tunes world? Even if that's the case, when Jordan gets sucked down into a golf hole and into the Looney Tunes world, Larry Bird and Bill Murray don't care. There's comedy in that for sure, but what about Michael Jordan's wife? How has she not noticed that Jordan is gone this whole time?

I suppose that for most grown ups who loved this movie as a child, they're not really concerned with the logistics of a movie that has Michael Jordan playing a game of basketball with aliens and cartoon characters. But there has to be some semblance of order even in the most nonsensical of stories, right?