Gallery 1988 Had Another 'Seinfeld' Art Show And Yada Yada Yada

Gallery 1988 has already played host to "An Art Show About Nothing," which was actually a tribute to Seinfeld, the NBC sitcom which was famously about nothing. Now they're back with "Another Art Show About Nothing," featuring all new artwork inspired by the series created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

Artists like Barry Blankenship, Joshua Roman, Luke Flowers, Jerrod Maryurama, Jeremy Berkley, Geoff Trapp, Erin Hunting, Dave Pryor and much more have crafted some incredible new pieces in honor of Seinfeld, and you can get your hands on them right now.

Check out some of the pieces from the Gallery 1988 Seinfeld art show

Here's a selection of the new pieces from the Gallery 1988 shop:

All of these pieces are on sale over at Gallery 1988, although some are not available as prints, and the originals have already been sold. Others have both the original and prints available for purchase if you're so inclined. They're some great illustrations that hardcore Seinfeld fans will love to have on their wall, delivering some wonderful cartoonish designs of Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and yes, even Neuman himself, Wayne Knight.

If you happened to miss the first time that Gallery 1988 had a Seinfeld art show, they still have the online shop open with the pieces that haven't been sold out yet.

Next year it will have been 20 years since Seinfeld ended, and the year after that will be the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the first episode, even though it didn't technically start airing regularly until the summer of 1990. Is there any chance that we'll see some kind of anniversary celebration for the show? Seinfeld and David don't really go out of their way to talk about it, so I seriously doubt it, but we'll see what happens.