VOTD: 'Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade' Fan Film Gives The Scoundrel A New Adventure

We already know that the next installment under the Star Wars Story banner following Rogue One is a movie that will follow a young Han Solo. Disney and Lucasfilm have already brought on Phil Lord & Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street) to direct, and Alden Ehrenreich has been to play the smuggler originated by Harrison Ford in 1977 with Donald Glover as his old buddy Lando Calrissian. But that movie won't arrive until 2018.

In the meantime, some dedicated Star Wars fans got together to create a rather impressive short film following Han Solo on one of his early adventures. The project is called Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade, and while it's obviously not up to the quality of any of the big screen chapters, but for a production made by fans, it's one of the better attempts we've seen.

Watch the Han Solo fan film after the jump.

The aesthetic of the short isn't quite right, though the quality of the production design is pretty damn good. Sure, there are some wonky visual effects, but this isn't a studio film we're talking about. Honestly, that guy they got to play Han Solo isn't half-bad, landing Harrison Ford's cadence and even some of his smirks.

Honestly, this plays more like an Indiana Jones movie set in the Star Wars universe than a straight-up Han Solo movie. Maybe that's just because it's missing Chewbacca for half of it. But the Wookiee does eventually show up, as does creature actor Doug Jones. Also, the more hardcore Star Wars fans will notice a certain Shadows of the Empire character in the bar.