'Justice League' Photo Shows Off Batman's New "Tactical Batsuit"

I've spent far too many words explaining why I'm not a fan of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but one thing the film completely nailed was Batman's look. The costume worn by Ben Affleck is the best costume worn by any Batman actor yet, stepping away from the rubber of the Tim Burton years and the bulky armor of Christopher Nolan's movies and delivering something streamlined, intimidating and instantly recognizable. It also helps that Affleck brought the perfect mixture of charm and rage behind the cowl. Remove the parts where he executes a couple of dozen people, and you have yourself a damn fine Batman.

While we can safely assume that Batman will wear his regular tights in the upcoming Justice League, a new photo from the set has revealed an alternate outfit dubbed the "Tactical Batsuit." Because it wouldn't be a superhero sequel without everyone getting a new costume!

Director Zack Snyder shared the image on his Twitter feed to celebrate the production entering the final stretch of principal photography:

Homestretch. Last day filming Batman in the new Tactical Batsuit.

And here is the Tactical Batsuit itself in all of its shadowy, illuminated-by-sparks glory:

justice league batsuit

Yup, he still looks like Batman. However, there are a number of small changes scattered here and there. The most recognizable addition are the goggles, which make the Dark Knight take on a startling resemblance to Nite Owl from Snyder's own adaptation Watchmen. The second noticeable difference is the material used on the body itself, which looks thicker and heavier and more likely absorb punishment. The main Batsuit employed in Batman v Superman looks like it was designed to allow for maximum mobility in hand-to-hand combat – this one looks like something that Bruce Wayne would put on before he enters a situation where he knows things are going to get a little stick. It's not quite as bulky as the Frank Miller-inspired armor he wore to his tiff with Superman, but it brings the character's look more in line with the Nolan films.

Our own Peter Sciretta saw an early version of this costume on his Justice League set visit and had this to say about it:

Alfred and Bruce develop an advanced suit in the "final chapter" of this story to fit the needs of the mission. This suit isn't going to be used in filming for another two months so we only got to see a very early prototype of it alongside concept art. Described as "the tactical Batsuit," it looks very much like the classic Batsuit augmented with straps and layers of leather and protective plates. A new cowl allows for flight goggles which he'll wear when piloting a new vehicle. The straps look more military grade. I don't love it. The cowl offers more protection in this story. It's been implied inside the cowl there is a whole sub-membrane that is now expressed outside the cowl. Also, Snyder has embraced non-symmetry, giving Batman extra protection on one arm over another, making the uniform look more individualized and battle-worn like a warrior's.

And as a bonus, Warner Bros. can now make a little extra money by selling regular Batman toys and "Tactical Batsuit" Batman toys! Cha-ching! But in all seriousness, Bats has a long way to go if he wants to match the Marvel heroes. Captain America has gone through his fair share of costume redesigns by now, and anyone who actually wants to count Iron Man's various armors has too much time on their hands.

Justice League is set to arrive on November 17, 2017. Is it okay to feel a little optimistic about this one?